Dark Stable Creations

A stable is a building in which all manner of creatures--especially horses--  are kept. Unlike watching animals from behind glass or bars, Dark Stable gives you the option to become your own animal, creature, or otherwise. We build creations to be worn, to be enjoyed, or to simply hang on your wall and freak out people who many never discover their inner animal. Let alone wear one.


What we do, what we design. 

The Stable.

Masks have existed for longer than sliced bread. Some hide us from the world while others allow us to become a part of the world we travel.

Throughout the world, masks are used for their expressive power. Masks are a familiar and vivid element in many folk and traditional pageants, festivals and are often a part of a costume that adorns the whole body and embodies a tradition important to the social life of the community as whole or a particular group within the community. They act as reminders of the enduring power and appeal of masks.

So here at Dark Stable Creations, we design and build masks which help bring that inner animal into the light of day. Or night. We don’t judge.

The Method.

We design. We 3D Print only using the safest, strongest materials we can. We spend way too much time being crazily obsessed. Once we have a full design completed, we test it out. We drop it. we get angry at it. We call it names. We try the design out. If we don't like it, or there is something we can do better with the design, we start over. If it's not good enough for us... it will never be good enough for you. 

The Madness.

Yes, the madness. What is the madness you may ask? It’s spending weeks working on a project and trying to destroy it. There have been times in our own lives in which we’ve spent money on an item only to have it drop, fall, slip, or in a drunken stupor juggle between our hands only to have said item fall onto the great (insert painfully hard ground material here) and watch as it shatters into a dozen pieces. Or we purchased something only to have it look like a dollar store special. So, we walk within the thin line of madness and… more madness? Why? To ensure our designs are not egg shelled or hold the strength of a paper bag filled with greasy (but of so tasty) burgers.

GALLERY (Sneak Peek)

More pictures to be added soon. For now, however, a quick look at some of the designs we are working on, have tested, and ideas. 


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